Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Disappearance Of Baby "Doe" McClendon " The Perfect Crime"

In 2005 in Harris county, Texas Robert McClendon was expecting a newborn baby by his girlfriend being about 8 1/2 months pregnant. At that time he was disabled and slept more than most people's dogs. August of 2005 she went flat and wasn't pregnant anymore which surprised all of us. When we all started questioning her she tried to tell us that it collapsed, and for days the family was confused until my mom said that baby bones don't collapse. Then when we questioned her more she tried to avoid us. Then her daughters started causing allot of trouble until it got to a point that my brother had no choice but call the police on them two times in one week ( One Call Being On September 14Th The Day Before He Was Arrested) including one other time when he had to call the police on the oldest daughters boyfriend for coming in the front bedroom window all of the time. At this point, my brother's girlfriend kept trying to avoid us about the missing baby until September 15 when her and her oldest daughter called the police on Robert and had him arrested for assault with a firearm which we knew was a lie!
These two women did this to cover up the crime of his missing baby, and it worked! This caused allot of chaos, and confusion for the family trying finding out what happened to the baby. Then the two women got a protective order against him and which really screwed things up, any legal move that Robert, or our family made to try to find out about the baby would have him thrown in jail because a protective order has allot of teeth. Then a few days later we were trying to tell Robert's attorney about the missing baby and she advised us to leave it alone for now while she tried to get Robert out of trouble. A year later when Robert went to trial his attorney caught the two women in SEVERAL LIES! You can view the transcripts at:
But the prosecutors still continued with the trial to maliciously prosecute Robert, (And They Did.)
Now that the protective order has expired we have tried to report the disappearance/possible murder/motive to the police and the DA's office and they still turn a blind eye to this situation. These two women/criminals were right under the district attorney's nose and they pulled off the perfect crime!

As a add on: About 26 years ago she was expecting a newborn by a very good Friend of mine and it disappeared also accusing him of hitting her in the abdomen and killing it. He never went to jail, and we have put 2&2 together!